From Pastor Rory Philstrom –
“There’s been a lot going on lately that has been good, and a lot that has been difficult. All of it, however, has been with God. When I began ministry at Christ the King four years ago, I asked two questions: “What has God been up to?” and “Where does God want to take us in the future?” I have seen God at work in our community in so many ways, and I feel God leading us still.”
“I want to hear what you have to say and how you would answer these questions. As the program year starts this fall, I encourage you to think about and consider sharing with me what God has been up to in your life. Let’s reconnect in a deeper way to our faith in this difficult and eventful time, so that we can follow Christ together.”
“This September, I’m going to try to connect with as many CTK folks as possible. I might not be able to get to everybody (there’s over 700!), but if you’re reading this I encourage you to schedule a time to visit. I’m setting aside 45min for each visit, which can be a time to talk and reconnect about the important things going on in your life and wonder about God at work in and through you. These visits can take place over phone, video chat, or socially-distanced in-person. Schedule a time to visit the week of September 7-10, the week leading up to Kickoff Sunday, by clicking the link below.”

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