King’s Game Hall is a ministry of open gaming with an invitation to the whole community. We run organized play for a broad assortment of tabletop games. Our desire is to offer our ample and comfortable space as a safe place for community building, and playing games together around a table is one of the most fun ways we can think of to build community.

Call of the Ministry Team: Through a series of listening and brainstorming sessions, some of our staff and lay leaders have recognized an enjoyment of playing games together.  Having been to various game stores for game nights, we have seen that the crowd of people who usually attend are not generally found in our congregational setting.

With these noticings, and the passion of some of our staff and lay leaders, we began to minister to our community through a regular game night.  It's an opportunity for people to build relationships with each other and enjoy playing a game with friends and strangers in a safe and welcoming space.

Team Leader: Jack Rhodes

Team Sponsor: Pastor Rory Philstrom