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CTK’s Community Health Initiative General 

Community health and general health information can be found on the bulletin board across from the Nurses office. Also, check under “Connecting” on our website. I also have many informational pamphlets and flyers located in the Nurse’s office. Room 116. Any staff member can open the room, so you can peruse the information and take home, if you wish. 

CTK also has a Community Health Facebook page – Click on the link and like us if you would like to receive updates.

Health Cabinet Openings

We have openings to join the Health Cabinet. We meet monthly on the 2nd Wednesdays at 7:30pm. If you have any interest in the Wellness Wheel (Spiritual, Social, Emotional, Physical, Financial, Vocational, Intellectual), this is a great committee to be on.   You do not have to be “Magazine Healthy” to join us. We are all struggling. 

Bloomington Health and Wellness Award
Thank you to Jean Butala for nominating the Health Cabinet and me for the Bloomington Health and Wellness Award. The award is to be presented to us on April 3, 2018 at the City Council Meeting. Our congregation has so much love and the diligence to problem solve and bring forth all that we can to reach out to our community. We do not do it for awards and accolades, but it helps to know we are making a difference and people notice! Thank you to everyone who made and continues to make things happen and for supporting the Health Cabinets efforts. God bless you all.


The Nurse Is In  

It’s always 68° and sunny at Christ the King 

Being active during the winter is difficult. What better place to get some steps in than right here at CTK? One loose round of the building is about 645 steps or ¼ mile. That is a nice walk and you get to see some very friendly faces.      

Health Care Directives

Don’t forget to have your Health Care Directives discussions with your family this holiday season. If nothing else look at the Go Wish cards to have conversations. Packets are available in the Library.     

Chronic Conditions Support Group

The Chronic Conditions Support Group is held weekly on Monday evenings currently at 5pm, but may be moved to a later meeting time in December.  This group is committed to creating a safe place for adults with any chronic condition simple or complicated and their caregivers to share their experience, strength and hope. Our desire is to improve the quality of our lives by looking honestly at who we are, and by learning from the listening and sharing with others. 


Tai Chi classes offered at CTK starting in February

2 different opportunities to learn Tai Chi. A 7-week class will begin on Thursdays at 10am starting February 6th or Saturdays at 10am starting on February 8th. Classes are held in the West Chapel. Cost is $30 payable to CTK. Tai Chi is a gentle, meditative form of exercise that can be done seated or standing. Wear comfortable clothing. Join us and learn a new form of exercise. Sign-up in the commons!!


Fix and Freeze Fresh

Beef Bulgogi Bowl

Sunday, February 9th

Meet in the main kitchen at 11:45AM

Sign-up in the commons!