August 3, 2018

The Lord your God turned the curse into a blessing for you, because the Lord your God loved you. Deuteronomy 23:5

If we are faithless, he remains faithful – for he cannot deny himself. 2 Timothy 2:13

The main idea I am gleaning from today’s readings is that we could (and we often do) knowingly or unknowingly lose or at least temporarily misplace our faith in God, but that God will never lose his love for us. The fact that God loves us has been proved to us again and again, but we forget it or find it hard to believe and depend on that time and time again. I can only chalk that up to lapses in our memories as mortals, and our own human failings.

Looking back on the devotions that I have written, I see that a lot of them are about realizing and remembering that God loves us and forgives us. Is it a coincidence that so many of the verses in the book we use to write our devotions seem to be about how much God loves us? I actually believe in happy coincidences, but not when it comes to God — it seems to me that He puts things directly in our paths for us to see, and that we think we are discovering on our own. Or maybe it’s how I am interpreting His words, but again, I think that the compass is pointing to Him putting the thoughts into my head.

Whatever it is, I could write these words on my computer until the end of time, and still not always get the message that he is trying to tell me.

Music plays a big part in my life, and many times over the years, I’ve had a song repeating in my mind that I can’t seem to shake, only to get to church on Sunday and find it to be the hymn of the day, or that a secular song has a verse that ties in with the sermon that morning, and I’ll think: ah-ha! That’s what that meant.

A song came back to me this afternoon in the car, completely unrelated to the song playing on the radio — Maybe God Is Trying to Tell You Something**, from the movie The Color Purple.

Can’t sleep at night and you wonder why

Maybe God is trying to tell you something 

Crying all night long, something’s gone wrong 

Maybe God is trying to tell you something 

I had a talk recently with someone whose advice means a lot to me, and she reminded me that while I can talk about how much God loves us, I’m not always so good at accepting the message of forgiveness myself. Today, I am going to try to do better at seeing the best in myself as well as the best in others.

 Lord, I know that you are always trying to tell us something, but we fail to hear, or even listen, to your message. Help me, Lord, to better understand what you are telling me. Thank you for your guidance, even when I fail to listen or, when I hear you, but don’t take action. I want to serve you by helping others, but hold myself back in fear, rather than taking steps forward. Lord, I do believe, but help my unbelief, as the young boy’s father told your son. Forgive my fears and encourage my steps.  Amen

Lynda Tysdal

** written by Andrae Crouch, Quincy Jones, Bill Maxwell & D. Del Sesto