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Weekly Bible studies


Study Scripture – Together – Virtually!

During Lent (since we are practicing “social distancing”, we will be having a noon bible study virtually – by using Zoom. We will discuss the Scripture reading for the week. We hope this will be an engaging time where we get to hear new voices as we consider the import of the Bible in our lives today.

If you have not received the link and would like to participate virtually – be able to see other members (and participate either visually or by audio) please email Jane V. at or call the office.

Whether you’ve been a regular Bible-studier for years, or have never been to a Bible study before, we encourage you to take up a Lenten discipline of studying Scripture – together at noon for the next 3 Wednesdays! 

Who: Parents of Sunday School Children-High School Youth, College Age & Young adults

What: A time to recharge, regroup and engage in full hearted community with other parents and young adults. 

Where: New Small Group Room 

When: Sundays, 10:45-11:45am

Why: This is a place for parents and young adults to come to be spiritually filled and rest from this hectic thing called life. We are called as Christians to be in loving community with one another and this is just one way we can engage and connect with one another every week.