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Older adults play an essential role in the life of Christ the King, sharing their gifts in a multitude of ways. Quilters, Chore Crew, Friendly Visitors, and Wednesday Night Suppers are just a few of the places where seniors are leading the way.

Just Older Youth (J.O.Y.)

J.O.Y. gathers on the second Tuesday of each month (September – May) at noon for a Pot-Luck and program. Relevant topics are local and global in perspective. The group is always looking for ways to invite more participation from the neighborhood around Christ the King. All are welcome! For more information on J.O.Y., please call the church office, 952-881-8600.

JOY gathering on Tuesday, March 13

 Instead of our usual potluck, we will gather at 12:30pm, for a movie and popcorn event.  We will see The Case for Christ, a true story based on a best-selling book by Lee Strobel.  Working to disprove the growing Christian faith of his wife, this investigative journalist sets out to show her that her faith is based on pure-folly. However, what he finds was unexpected and life-altering.