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To the women of CTK – Men, you may read this also.

I have just finished reading the October issue of GATHER, the magazine of the women of the ELCA.  If you are not receiving this magazine, you are missing something which can add both pleasure and richness to your life and to your spirituality. The articles are timely for all ages and are written by talented female writers, some of whom are pastors. 

I usually turn first to the last page in the magazine, the AMEN column.  Catherine Malotky, pastor and wife of David Engelstad writes this column every month and she continues to be one of my favorite writers.  This month’s column is entitled “LOVED”, and Catherine puts lovely words together to reinforce how important our personal relationship is with the Messiah.

An article by Susan Palo Cherwien, entitled “May all our Songs be true,” explains how music affects us and actually changes our brain waves.  She says we are shaped by the words that we sing.  Susan has been writing hymn texts for 30 years and she is careful to make sure that the words she writes are true.

In a column named Voices, the editors ask readers to send in short essays on how they spend time with God.  If you would like to be featured in this column, turn to page 19 in the issue and read instructions on how to do so.  It is fun to see your name in print, especially if you have written great words!

Linda Post Bushkofsky, executive director of Women of the ELCA, writes about strong women on page 39 under the column entitled Grace Notes.  At the end she quotes,” Here’s to strong women. May we know them.  May we be them.  May we raise them.”  Then she adds, “may they fill our organization.”

This magazine carries a Bible study each month which is used by some of the circles. This year’s study is on The Apostles’ Creed.  Lots to remember and learn about this topic.

Other  article subjects this month include how animals bless our lives, caring for creation and taking a different look at Thomas, the doubting disciple. The latter article reassures us that our doubts are invitations for God to respond and give us the tools we need to believe.

One thing I appreciate about this magazine is that photos and descriptions of each writer are included. As I turn to each article, I look back at the contributor page to find the writer of that particular article.  It somehow makes the words more personal.

Joan Perlich, for the Library Team




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