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Then God said, “Let us make people in our own image, be like ourselves. They will be masters over all life…………“ Genesis 1:26

How do we keep that order? We were given a beautiful world to take care of and we have not done a very good job.

In 1962 a revolution began. Post WWII, America was thriving. Science and technology were leaping forward at a rapid pace. New inventions and progress happened every week, and a pesticide was discovered that would help farmers control the pests that were causing crops to fail, DDT. But then other things started failing. Birds started dying; chickens no longer laid fertile eggs, cattle started dying; bees disappeared; trees and flowers withered; lakes and rivers no longer had fish; and then children started getting sick and they too died.  It was a mystery. Then Rachel Carson wrote a book, Silent Spring. She blamed DDT. At first no one believed her, but slowly the scientific community realized she was right and DDT was banned.

But Silent Spring is not just about DDT, it is a call to arms. She recognized that we were on a slippery slope and she wanted us to pay attention to what we were doing to our Mother Earth. It is slowly dying and it is our fault.

National Geographic dedicated their June issue to plastic. Earth is drowning in plastic. We should be horrified. Rachel Carson started a revolution that continues today. We have only begun.

Rachel’s book, Silent Spring is available in our library. Please feel free to check it out. Mother Earth thanks you.

Peace, Susan Hanson and the Library Team



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