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CTK READS!  News from the Library 

Our CTK library has received a donated copy of A Hope More Powerful than the Sea just published in January of this year. The author, Melissa Fleming, is chief spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). This book is the true story of 19 year old Doaa Al Zamel, only one voice of the 65 million people who have been forced to leave their homes in Iran and Syria in search of a safer and better life. 

A story of love, loss, and survival. Doaa is a typical Syrian girl living a rather normal life with her family. Then, following the Arab Spring, the Syrian people began to stand up against their oppressive regime. The army was sent in to try and take control of Doaa’s hometown. Violence erupted when curfews, power outages, water shortages, destruction of buildings, and the abduction and rape of women and girls became an everyday way of life. After her father’s barbershop was destroyed and the girls in the family threatened, the family no longer felt safe in their homeland and feel they must leave if they are able to survive. Doaa battles her inner conflict as she wants to stay and fight for her people and homeland while also realizing that her family needs her help in search for a new life.  

The story of her journey is very emotional and can bring one to tears. Doaa’s faith in God gives her hope in her darkest hours and allows her to triumph.  A very poignant story of what has been said to be the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time. Reading this book will afford you a better understanding of the refugees’ struggles and an admiration for their tremendous resilience as they persevere for days, weeks, months, and some for years to find a safe home and hopefully happiness.  ~  Joy Morris, The Library Team 


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