Christ the King Ministry Teams

Several Ministry Teams, organized in a variety of ways, meet as often as once a month to create opportunities for service within and beyond the Christ the King community.

Adult Faith Formation 
A team of leaders meets regularly to plan a variety of adult learning opportunities.

Children and Family Ministry 
Parents and other dedicated adults meet regularly to support the ministry among children from birth through 8th grade.

Congregational Life
Oversees the Wednesday Night Suppers and other congregational events.

Global Mission Team 
Encourages and empowers the congregation to maintain its relationship with the church throughout the world.

Property Team
The Property Team oversees the congregation’s property, working with the Property and Finance Administrator to establish and review policies related to maintenance, building usage and fees, and capital improvements and purchases. The Property Team works closely with the Church Chore Crew, a group of more than 20 people that gather each Monday morning to assist with maintenance and improvement projects.

Social Justice Team 
This group meets monthly to encourage the congregation’s connection with ministries of compassion and advocacy.

The Stewardship Team seeks to encourage and empower the congregation’s ministry of generosity of gifts and resources for mission and ministry, locally and beyond. The team carries out the annual giving campaign, and seeks to make the stewardship of God’s resources a central feature of ministry in daily life.

The Worship Team meets several times a year to plan worship for the seasons of Advent and Lent, including the use of a variety of art-forms, and is called upon by the pastors and music director for planning, feedback and evaluation. A representative of Bartimaeus participates on the Worship Team.

Youth ministry at Christ the King is led by staff and a committed group of adult leaders.
Health Cabinet
The Health Cabinet works with the Faith Community “Parish” Nurse to work on inreach and outreach wellness programs and activities. These healthy living programs and activities are based on physical, spiritual, financial, emotional, intellectual, vocational wellness.
The Church Council is responsible for governance between Congregational Meetings.


2017 Council

Sarah Van Gerpen, president
Mark Meier, vice-president
Matt Paul, treasurer
Verla Olson, secretary
Mike Haddox
Arlene Knutson
Sean Johnson
Becky Buhler
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