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Christ the King’s Foundation was established in 1981 for the purpose of accumulating funds from which earnings will be used to serve and expand the mission of Christ the King Lutheran Church.

The directors and officers of the Foundation are members of Christ the King Lutheran Church and every confirmed member is a member of the foundation. In 2016, we continued to sponsor the 8th annual Fellowship Breakfast at a net cost of $1,127.74. In addition we were able to provide a total of $9,127.74 in donations to our church and surrounding community. 

Feed My Starving Children – $500.00

Kennedy Community Alliance – $500.00

CTK- Pastor’s Discretionary Fund – $500.00

VEAP – $1,000.00

Scholarship Fund – $1,500.00

CTK Colorado Youth Trip – $4,000.00 

Our board of 2016 (and 2017) is LuAnn Paul as President, Dave Aljoe as Vice President, Jean Butala as Secretary, Denise Hagedorn as Treasurer and Tim Graham, Jay Hoger, Roger Olson, and Al Rivers.  We extend our gratitude to Warren Winterfeldt, Wally Hauge, and Dawn Arlett for their service to the Foundation as they came off the board this year.  Also, a special thank you goes to Denise Hagedorn for accepting and filling the treasurer position mid term. 

We greatly appreciate those of you who contributed to the Foundation in 2016.  Gifts to the Foundation are welcome in any size and can be immediate or deferred.  If you have any questions about giving, please connect with any of the Board Members.