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CTK’s Community Health Initiative General 


Community health and general health information can be found on the bulletin board across from the Nurses office. Also, check under “Connecting” on our website. I also have many informational pamphlets and flyers located in the Nurse’s office. Room 116. Any staff member can open the room, so you can peruse the information and take home, if you wish. 

CTK also has a Community Health Facebook page – Click on the link and like us if you would like to receive updates.

Health Cabinet Openings

We have openings to join the Health Cabinet. We meet monthly on Wednesdays at 7:30pm. If you have any interest in the Wellness Wheel (Spiritual, Social, Emotional, Physical, Financial, Vocational, Intellectual), this is a great committee to be on.   You do not have to be “Magazine Healthy” to join us. We are all struggling. 

Bloomington Health and Wellness Award
Thank you to Jean Butala for nominating the Health Cabinet and me for the Bloomington Health and Wellness Award. The award is to be presented to us on April 3rd at the City Council Meeting. Our congregation has so much love and the diligence to problem solve and bring forth all that we can to reach out to our community. We do not do it for awards and accolades, but it helps to know we are making a difference and people notice! Thank you to everyone who made and continues to make things happen and for supporting the Health Cabinets efforts. God bless you all.


The Nurse Is In

Summer Garden Party

Our annual Bryant Park Community Garden Summer Garden Party (previously called Salsa Party) will be held on August 22nd at 6pm.  Anyone interested in a party and supporting gardening is invited. Kids are especially welcome. Optional activities will include: 1) Touring our garden 2) Making Salsa and a tomato sauce and Zoodles which we will eat and take home any leftovers 3) Garden-themed games 4) Enjoying great conversation and 5) Hopefully a topic and speaker. More information to come. Questions? Contact Lynn Lenort


Caregiver Support Class Coming this Fall

LuAnn Paul and Lynn Lenort have now been certified to facilitate a Caregiver Support classes called Powerful Tools for Caregivers This 6-session class is shown to have a positive impact on caregivers no matter where they are in the role as caregiver, their living situations, their financial status and their education.  Topic discussions include Class #1 Taking Care of you, Class #2 Identifying and Reducing Personal Stress, Class #3 Communicating Feelings, Needs, and Concerns, Class #4 Communicating Challenging Situations, Class #5 Learning from Our Emotions, Class #6 Mastering Caregiving Decisions.


American Red Cross Blood Drive

Coming in August or November — stay tuned.


Bloomington Heritage Days

CTK’s Community Health Initiative will be needing volunteers for Bloomington Heritage Days.  It will be held on Saturday, September 15th. Please contact Lynn, if you are willing to help with this event. It is a fun event and a great way to get out and meet the community.


Summer Walk and Talk with a Nurse

Do it for so many reasons: Friendship, activity, nature!! These leisurely walks will give you the opportunity to chat while out enjoying the beautiful Minnesota summer weather. Bring your camera. Leashed friendly dogs are welcome.

Sundays: Meet at the church at 10:45am and walk for 20-30 minutes.

August 5th, we will walk to the west over to Penn Lake.  

Weekday walks: Meet at 6:00pm we will walk 45 minutes to an hour and will meet at various Bloomington walking path areas.

August 15th, we will meet at Moir Park/Nine Mile Creek.


Medical Equipment

I still have medical equipment in my office. Please come see me if you are in need of walkers, wheel chair, transfer belt, commode, shower head and shower chair.

Alzheimer’s and Vulnerable Adults

After attending a symposium on the 2 topics of Alzheimer’s and Vulnerable Adults, I have a variety of informational sheets available. These include: questions to ask when touring senior communities, the decision making process for In-home care and assisted living and various services that are available for groceries, home support and transportation. Also, please know that I am here if you have questions on whether you or a loved one is safe at home for any reason, be it safety, mental and physical health reasons or physical, mental or financial abuse issues.